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Climate Change Adaptation WEBINAR for Tropical Dry Forests in Grenada

Friday 13 November 2015


With future climate change potentially threatening Tropical Dry Forests (TDFs) in Grenada with increased storm intensity, changes in rainfall patterns, increased drought intensity and fire risk, this CEPF-supported project is helping to improve planning and policy frameworks for managing TDFs in Grenada. The project seeks to develop policy and planning guidelines for adaptation to climate change’s impacts on Grenada’s TDFs. To identify the key policy challenges associated with management of these forests in the face of global climate change, the project team have developed computer simulations of TDF response to different climate change scenarios, and considered the implications in the context of current and management practices. The goal is to develop policy recommendations under different climate change scenarios, which local stakeholders can consider as they plan for the future of these dry forests in Grenada. The WEBINAR will be hosted by the University of Chester in collaboration with the Grenada Dove Conservation Programme and the Forestry and National Parks Department with technical assistance from a research team led by Dr. Howard P. Nelson of University of Chester.




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